Retirement was just around the corner when you receive the call. “Something happened to Mom.” Your world is turned upside down. Later, you realize Mom and Dad did not plan well for this possibility and you have to shoulder the work of caring, arranging for care and possibly financing care, as well.

Eighty percent of caregivers report strain on their marriages due to caregiving pressures; 75 percent say they had no choice but to step up. How do you foster understanding and support from your spouse while providing care?

  Caring for your loved one is not a solo act. Providing care does not have to mean you provide the care. It means you see that care is provided.
  Acknowledge your spouse or partner’s unhappiness with the changes. “I know this is not what we had planned and having you with me is the only way I can get through this.”
  Find ways to keep your romance alive — morning coffee together, an evening walk or watching a special TV show you both enjoy.

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