Your Body, Your BFF

Your body is always talking to you, and you, maybe without realizing it, are often talking to your body. For the most part, you usually respond to your body when you are hungry, sleepy or itchy… Sometimes you might get angry at it for not looking how you wish it would, or complain about the pain it’s holding. But how often do you communicate good feelings to your body?

From the time you were formed, your body has been supporting you and keeping you alive until this very moment. It is an intelligent system that functions separately from our awareness. It really is amazing how much work our bodies constantly do without thanks or any recognition from us. If you think about your body as your oldest friend, what kind of friend have you been?

So how can you be a better friend? Start by accepting your body in whatever condition it is in and find a way to unconditionally love and appreciate it for all it does all day, every day, to keep you alive.

Thank your organs, your muscles,  limbs, cells, etc., throughout the day — even the parts that hurt! Smile for no reason. Do these things as a daily  practice and you’ll be surprised how much better your body starts to feel when it is consciously supported by you, its best friend for life!

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