It is important that seniors and their families understand their choices when it comes to in-home care, so they can decide what will best fit their needs.

For some folks, traditional time-based in-home care services are the best option, while others will find task-based in-home assistance to be less intrusive, more affordable and an effective way to continue to live well at home independently.

Responses to the following questions can help determine the type of care that best suits the needs of a senior and their family.

• How independent is the senior? Do they need constant supervision or do they have signs of dementia?
• Has the senior recently been discharged from the hospital or does he or she need temporary help with the activities of daily living?
• What other assistance is available? Are there family members and friends who are also able to provide support?
• What are their objectives and health goals?
• What is their budget for in-home care?

Task-Based Assistance

This type of assistance works best for seniors who are independent, but would like help with:

• General housekeeping and laundry
• Meal preparation
• Medication reminders
• Exercise and range of motion routines
• Transportation to doctor appointments or errands
• Bathing or toileting assistance
• Other personal care assistance

Time-Based Services

This type of care is based on services provided for seniors who want to stay at home but need longer visits or more direct, hands-on care to assist with activities of daily living.

Task- & Time-Based Services

Healthcare services that offer a full range of care services can design a care plan that suits a senior’s individual needs by offering both time-based and task-based care.

A combination of time- and task-based services can also be tailored for a senior who has a unique combination of care needs.

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