The senior living industry also has frontline workers who have come face to face with the pandemic. Working to protect our kūpuna has been challenging, to say the very least. All staff at community living facilities are frontline workers and they must work together to mitigate the effects of COVID-19. They cannot give up and must find strength to do what is right; protecting our residents and each other.

I witnessed our team’s hardships and gained an understanding of my staffs’ perspective by being there for them the best way I could. As a team, we worked alongside each other since our first confirmed COVID case. Our common goal was to see this to the end and for that I am eternally grateful to them. We each experienced a wide range of emotions: fear, anxiety, frustration, hope and compassion. When we face difficult times, we must remember  that challenges are not sent to destroy us. They are sent to strengthen us. We must keep up the good fight, and together, we will survive; we will persevere.

We had faith and that faith grew stronger because we knew that we would overcome. Acknowledging and appreciating the perspective of my staff brought another level of compassion and empathy that I now have for them. “Everything in our lives is to serve our highest and best purpose, always.”

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