OctNov2016 - whenyougottawalk_image1I met Sharon and Randy Reynolds, both in their 60s, on a Saturday afternoon at a Starbucks in Ewa Beach. They are avid walkers with their daughter, Kimberly, and they participate in several charity walks throughout the year, including the 2014 Making Strides (against breast cancer) of Hawai‘i (see photo).

How important is exercise to you? What do you do?

For Sharon and Randy, walking is much more than a simple form of exercise.

“We walk a lot,” said Randy. “But it’s more for the charity part than the walking part,” said Sharon. They are former members of the Lions Club and have participated in charity walks since 1994.

They also spend a lot of time walking because “if we want to go anywhere, we have to walk,” said Sharon. They also use The Bus. But since they live about a half-mile from the nearest bus stop, even taking The Bus requires a bit of exercise.

“It’s not set out to be ‘we are going out for a walk,’ because that’s boring,” said Sharon. “if we are doing it because we have to, then it becomes a chore.”

“It becomes work,” Randy chimed in.

“If you are going for enjoyment, then it is a different story,” Randy concluded.

What do you eat so you can walk better?

“We eat fresh vegetables and salads,” they both said in agreement.