Fit for Life

The objective at Club 50 Fitness is simple and direct: to improve the lives of people who are 40 years of age and above with fitness training and overall good health. As many Club 50 members will tell you, exercise is medicine! Just ask Rose, who says that exercise has been the best thing for her mentally and physically. “The days I’m tired or stressed, I have learned to let it go with exercising. I feel so much better after I leave,” she says. “I have maintained my weight for four years by just exercising. Everyone here is friendly, including the staff.”

Club 50 Fitness on King St. is just the place to get your blood moving again. Club 50’s low-impact, easy-to-follow, 30-minute workout program can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Its Hydraulic Resistance Training equipment offers six levels of adjustability with the turn of a knob, offering more challenge as you gain strength.

For a free tour of Club 50 Fitness give Chris a call at 593-9292. If you are a senior, check your insurance plan’s gym benefits (HMSA, Kaiser, HMAA and Medicare Advantage) to see how you can workout at Club 50 Fitness for free.

Non-seniors can mention Generations Magazine and get 50% off of the initial membership fee. Plus, courtesy of the gym, the first month’s dues will be waived. For more information, visit


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