Do You Really Want to be a Trustee?

You were named as successor Trustee of a trust created by a family member or friend, and that person just died. What now? Before you rush in, think about what awaits. Until you sign on the dotted line, the fact that you have been named as a trustee does not obligate you to accept that position. Decide carefully, because once you accept the job, you accept all that goes with it. It is a position of great honor, and it involves great responsibility.

Medicare and Las Vegas

Now that we have your attention … Medicare is available in all 50 states and territories, including Las Vegas. Now is the time to review your Medicare options for both health and drug plans. Medicare Open Enrollment is November 15th to December 31, 2010, but you can compare options beginning October 15, 2010.

National Hospice Month

For many years, we in Hawai‘i have joined our colleagues across the nation in celebration of National Hospice month. Observed in November, it is a time when we come together to give thanks, reflect on the past year and look forward to the next. We remember those who have passed away and we recall our own experiences as that special person’s life was lived out. Almost 40 percent of all those families who experienced a loss received hospice care to help guide them.

Fit for Life

The objective at Club 50 Fitness is simple and direct: to improve the lives of people who are 40 years of age and above with fitness training and overall good health. As many Club 50 members will tell you, exercise is medicine! Just ask Rose, who says that exercise has been the best thing for her mentally and physically. “The days I’m tired or stressed, I have learned to let it go with exercising. I feel so much better after I leave,” she says. “I have maintained my weight for four years by just exercising. Everyone here is friendly, including the staff.”

Peopleʻs Open Market

More than 1 million people shop at the 25 market sites each year. Each market operates once a week and lasts about one hour. Prices are usually 35% lower than retail stores. The POM staff closely regulates the markets. The staff conducts weekly price surveys at various stores to determine a recommended price for the POM vendors to follow. Vendors may sell below, but not over, the recommended prices.

Talk Story with Lisa

Sonya Mendez, Entertainer, Founder of The Well of Hope How do you live your life? I live in the moment, because tomorrow is promised to no one. I approach my life and each project with energy and passion. When I helped bring clean water to 10,000 people in Ethiopia for generations to come, I felt that I’d finally made my rent on earth.