Many of us are affected by the anxieties that come with the COVID-19 pandemic. But my boss once told me, “In chaos there is opportunity.” That quote resonated deeply in my heart. How can this be true for a pandemic?

I soon learned that some positive things are happening around the world and here in Hawai‘i.

For example, the unprecedented absence of the 3,000 daily visitors to Hanauma Bay beginning in mid-March has caused coral reefs and fish to rebound and flourish in the bay’s now clear waters.

A Girl With Her Grandad On A Tropical Beach

Local distilleries are producing hand sanitizer. People have stepped up to sew thousands of face masks to support hospital staff and others. More importantly, business and nonprofits are making special accommodations for seniors. Senior centers have ramped up sanitation in an effort to protect residents and guests from COVID-19.

Grocers are dedicating special shopping hours for seniors and those with special needs.

I think the best part is that seniors and their families have a renewed appreciation of each other and the time they get to spend together.

Focus on the good as the pandemic passes.

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