Dentists Are Busy People

Many patients wish they could enjoy their dentist’s company beyond a quick, customary greeting before their ability to speak is interrupted by the whirr of the drill.

Like everyone else, dentists have families, hobbies, enjoy their favorite beverage, have bills to pay and look forward to having fun. And just like everyone else, “busy” is a dentist’s life.

Public education on dental care keeps dentists hopping, too. Commercials for electric toothbrushes, new toothpastes and improved water flossers (by the way, all of these products are great!) focus people on their smiles. The public is also aware of the new advances in dentistry. Dental-related companies advertise ways to straighten teeth, whiten teeth and freshen breath. Dentists must keep up with technology, convenience and new techniques to do the best job possible.

No wonder dentists are so busy — but with worthwhile results! In a recent national survey, Hawai‘i ranked fifth for oral health. That’s pretty good considering all the sweets we consume and given how much we love crack seed!

The next time you go to your dentist, you’ll understand why he/she is so engaged and focused.

I would like to know my patients better, too. But if there is no time for conversation, just know I appreciate how you are taking preventive care of your teeth. Your healthy smile says it all!

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