If you are one of the 100 million Americans who experience chronic pain, know that physical therapy can be a safer alternative to potentially addictive medications. Physical therapy plays a vital role in helping to manage and overcome chronic pain through proper strengthening and flexibility exercises, manual therapies, posture and body mechanics instruction.

Patients who have experienced extended periods of pain are often caught in a vicious cycle, where they move less because it’s painful, which leads to decreased strength, endurance, mobility and overall confidence. Their posture, muscle imbalances and emotional state all become worse.

Physical therapists understand that, to overcome chronic pain, you must break the pain cycle and one of the best ways, is to move! But how can you exercise if every time you move, it’s painful? The answer is Aquatic Physical Therapy.

When the water is at chest level, 80 percent of the body’s weight is reduced, which allows patients to strengthen in a comfortable environment where the body can heal faster. The warmth of the water relieves pain and increases relaxation — important aspects of controlling chronic pain. Aquatic therapy also provides psychological benefits improving feelings of self-worth and reducing stress and anxiety. If pain is limiting your mobility don’t give up, try aquatic therapy because freedom from pain is possible.

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