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Graphic of stethoscopeDid you know Medicare coverage includes preventive services? Contact your doctor for more information and to schedule recommended preventive screenings, care, and to participate in educational classes. (Cost sharing and other limitations may apply.)

Medicare preventive services—start here!

  • One-time “Welcome to Medicare” visit (within 12 months of enrollment in Part B)
  • Annual “Wellness” visit


Flu • Hepatitis B • Pneumococcal

Screenings and tests

Abdominal aortic aneurysm • Alcohol misuse (+counseling) • Bone mass • Cardiovascular (cho-lesterol, lipids, triglycerides) • Colorectal cancer • Depression • Diabetes • Glaucoma • Hep B Virus Hep C • HIV • Lung cancer • Mammogram • Obesity (+counseling) • Pelvic and breast exam, pap test • Prostate cancer • STIs (+counseling)

Other counseling and training

Cardiovascular disease (behavioral therapy) • Diabetes prevention program • Diabetes self-management training • Medical nutrition therapy services • Smoking and tobacco-use cessation

You can find more detailed information by going to the Medicare resources listed below.


A radio program with Martha Khlopin

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808-230-3379 |

Detailed information about frequency and qualifying conditions is available at:

Downloadable PDF:


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