New Ways to Live & Work

As we begin to put the harshest effects of COVID behind us, large numbers of us are developing ways to live and work that create positive outcomes from negative change.

The emerging opportunities featured in this post are associated with fast-growing careers throughout Hawai‘i.

The suggested options offer flexible pay for the good of community as well as benefits for your own health and wellness over your ever-longer lifetime expectancy. What do I mean by that? Well, as you know, Hawai‘i is the longest-living state in the US —  currently, our average is 82.5. And research suggests that by engaging in healthful habits, we might even add five or more years.

Think… what could be better than health and wellness habits that improve the quality of day-today life and increase longevity? The following examples are food for thought and a call to action!

Photo of an Asian senior woman practicing yoga at gardenYOGA. Yoga is much more than bending and stretching. It is a practice for body, mind and spirit. All ages can benefit — many an 80-year-old is actively engaging in the practice. A teaching credential is a matter of earning it. Learn more about credentialing by searching online for a school or studio near you.

DIET AND NUTRITION. It has been a long haul for all of us who seek to overcome the effects of the COVID pandemic. Many of us are now promoting a good nutrient baseline on our road to the future. They are positively impacting food choices for themselves and their families. Have you noticed the nutritional changes in your local supermarket? Do you appreciate the connection between wellness and the foods that place a growing emphasis on eating phytonutrients? Might this be an area for you to explore both for your own physical and financial benefit as well as that of others? If so, visit

HEALTH COACHING. Search online for information on health and life coaching certification programs and services. Research and explore well-known organizations that offer coaching advice by their counselors. Call them up and ask them about the qualifications they seek.

HEALTH & WELLNESS. Online job sites are a great source for exploring health and wellness opportunities. Startups abound. So, if you have a product or service to promote, study the winners in this emerging area. Its revenue growth over the past several years will astound you and might encourage you to start your own business or find a buyer for your unique offering.

Ask yourself: “Am I creating the meaningful longer lifetime I deserve? Will some form of work in health and wellness help me achieve this goal?” These options can help you and help others while adding to your income and quality of life.

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