I Love New Beginnings!

I love New Year’s Day. Without Jan. 1, how would we know when to buy a new calendar? Call me old-fashioned, but I tend to look at that fresh new calendar year on paper like a crab leg and prime rib buffet spread out before me.

I have been having my share of new beginnings during this past year. Mrs. Matthews and I gave up our car. We live in downtown Honolulu for those short trips around town, we can take The Bus. Don’t you love the senior bus pass? Unless somebody is giving you free malasadas every morning, this is the best deal around. The only downside — when the driver looks at your face instead of your pass and says “Get on,” (he already knows you’re a senior).

Since retiring, I have a lot more time for reading Right now, I’m reading Medicare & You 2016, that 162-page book sent to 50 million Americans. My book club is discussing “Section 11 — Definitions.” I feel compelled to read it since so many trees gave up their lives to make the paper.

I just learned to use my DVR. It’s like a time machine! If you want to watch a TV show that comes on late at night (anytime after 9pm), just record it and watch it when you want to. Magic.

More new beginnings on the technology front. On my computer, I used to bookmark CNN, Entertainment Weekly, KHON (of course), Facebook and Yahoo! Now WebMD is at the top of the list.

Good luck with your new beginnings. I would write more, but the No. 1 to the Kalihi Transit Center just pulled up.


Retired Broadcast Personalities and Journalists Kirk Matthews and Linda Coble speak from the heart on issues concerning boomers and seniors. Post comments for them below.


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