Category: January – February 2022

  • The Two Asset Distribution Standards

    As an estate planning attorney, I observe how families decide to distribute their assets among their children. I have seen two main standards used to determine the gift. First is the standard of meeting needs and wants. As parents, we know the needs and wants of our children, and do our best to meet both…

  • ‘No Mom, I’m Not in Jail’

    I recently received a telephone call from my mother. Given that I was in a meeting, I didn’t answer it, but instead let it go to voicemail. Almost immediately, the phone started buzzing again from her same number. Usually, my mom would just leave a message, so this second call was very unusual. I excused…

  • Estate Taxes: What’s Around the Corner?

    After spending a lifetime of earning, saving and investing — and paying income and capital gains taxes all the way along — you may wonder why our government feels entitled to tax the value of what’s left when you die. However, the IRS and the State of Hawai‘i both want a piece of your estate.

  • Retirement Plans for Small Businesses

    If you are among the nation’s more than 31 million small businesses owners1, you likely spend much of your time juggling day-to-day business activities and put off planning for the future. If retirement planning has fallen on your back burner, now is the time to bring it to the forefront.

  • Paving the Way for a Healthy, Secure Future

    One year ago, I made a lifestyle change. I went from a vegan diet to pescatarian diet. After adding fish over a year ago, I lost a few pounds. Then my wife and I decided to go on the keto diet together. I also started an exercise program. Seniors must exercise to stay physically and…

  • SSA Supports Small Businesses

    Running a small business is often a 24/7 endeavor. Managing employees, inventory, scheduling, services and marketing can be challenging for small business owners — even in normal times. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has been testing all of us, it has been especially challenging for small business owners.

  • Medicare Payment Help is Available

    Having trouble paying for Medicare or other health costs? Medicare Savings Programs (MSP) are available to help older adults pay their monthly Part A/B premiums, annual deductibles, or copayments for visits and services. MSPs are administered by the Hawaii Med-Quest Division.

  • Detecting Financial Incapacity in Seniors

    Recently, the SEC, NASAA and FINRA published a report to help advise financial professionals in detecting signs of diminished capacity among older investors. Some red flags: The senior seems unable to process even the simplest concepts. The senior appears to have memory loss. More…

  • Hospice is About Living Fully

    In Hawai‘i, it is common that some kūpuna will remain at home under the care of younger family members, even as their health declines. Aging at home can work well for some ‘ohana, but care becomes more complicated if your loved one is facing a serious or terminal illness and experiencing symptoms that are challenging…

  • Humility Meets Compassion

    Twenty years ago, I was hired as the assisted living director for a Jewish community, where I learned about their culture, faith and life experiences. Some of the residents I cared for were Holocaust survivors and I listened to their stories. One survivor, who I will call “LL,” lost his mother and sister during this…