The Blessings of Having a Church Family!

LIVING-LIFE-Blessings-Church-Family_image1My mother Sue (Sumiko) Higa died in July of 2010. She was 84 years old and for nearly half of her life she suffered with rheumatoid arthritis. Mom came to live with us in our Ma¯noa home for the last two years of her life.

What was Mom’s greatest joy during the latter years of her life? It was going to church on Sunday. After her bath on Saturday afternoon my wife Judy would fix Mom’s hair up really pretty, and pick out a “nice outfit” for her to wear to church.

On Sunday mornings, Mom would get up very early and Judy would dress her in her “nice outfit.” Then, at 7 a.m., I’d help her get into our car. Once she was seated in the car, I would pull down the car visor’s mirror above her so she could take one last glimpse at how she looked. I’d tell her that she looked real good! Once we arrived at church I would help my mother into her wheelchair and move her to her favorite spot at the back of the church. There she would chat with her friends and many would come to greet her and hug her. Mom was always smiling on Sundays.

After the worship celebration Mom would be wheeled to the social hall to gather with her 30 or so friends for the Senior’s Class. There she “talked story” and had a grand time with all of her friends. Mom would always come home with gifts of cookies and candies from her friends. Sunday mornings were the highlight of my mother’s week.

LIVING-LIFE-Blessings-Church-Family_image2What are the blessings of having a church family?

• Friends and family may be distant but you can see your friends at church every week.
• If you’re fortunate like my mother, you’ll come home with all kinds of gifts.
• A good church family will provide support and prayers for you.
• If you fall asleep during the Pastor’s sermon no one will judge you. But they may wake you if you start snoring.
• It’s a lot better than watching TV or Korean soap operas all the time.
• You will be encouraged and inspired by the spiritual lessons that you will learn.
• You’ll have a Christmas party to go to (if you attend our church)! Make Sunday mornings a delightful time of your week. Find a good church and be blessed by having a church family.

Pastor Russell Higa


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