Activities & Dementia

Providing meaningful activities for your loved one with dementia is very possible. Activities can add meaning, boost quality of life, and provide beautiful opportunities for connection.

Here are some tips:

Consider past interests: Activities that bring up memories and past skills are more likely to be successful and meaningful. So try choosing an activity that is familiar and provides opportunities to reminiscence.
Approach with ease: Make your loved one feel safe — speak in a calm tone of voice and explain in simple words what is happening before you begin the activity together.
Sneak in physical activity: Gardening, assisting with dishes and going shopping all involve being active, and may be able to fit more naturally into the day than formal exercise.
Engage the senses: Your loved one may not be able to “do” an activity but can still “experience” an activity. Things like light-touch massage, music and sitting outdoors can provide calm engagement.
Share love: Emotion still holds meaning for those with dementia, and sharing kind or loving words can bring joy.

Caregiving for someone with dementia is challenging. Keep in mind that your loved one lives in moments, so aim to provide moments of joy throughout the day to boost their quality of life.

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