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  • Wellness Means Training Your Body & Brain

    Tai chi is a great way to incorporate strength, movement and breathing, aligning your mind, body and spirit while helping the body heal itself.

  • Center Helps Seniors Get Back to Work

    Meaningful employment is one of the best ways to keep fit in every way as we age — socially, mentally and even physically. But some of Waikīkī Community Center’s clients had difficulty finding employment. Retirees also found that the way people look for work has changed significantly. Others felt employers didn’t want to hire them…

  • Tighten Your ‘Internal Belt’

    Core training is one of the most popular concepts in the field of fitness and physical therapy. Core stability training is often associated with strengthening your abdominal muscles — the “abs.” The ab muscles play a very important role, but the core also includes multiple muscles in the mid-lower back, pelvic floor, hips and buttocks. This ring…