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  • High Cost of Saving Money

    It’s expensive living in paradise. It’s really expensive aging in paradise. Many seniors have had to resort to relying on the “cash economy” to help them out. “Cash economy” is the term used to refer to hiring or purchasing things“ under the table” or with cash so that there is no paper trail and therefore…

  • The Plaza at Kaneohe Opens This Summer

    The Plaza at Kaneohe, The Plaza Assisted Living’s sixth location, is undergoing construction with an anticipated opening in Summer 2019. In line with its other locations, The Plaza at Kaneohe embraces the concept of familiar faces in familiar neighborhoods, believing that people want to reside in a community that they grew up in, raised their…

  • Is Assisted Living a Negative?

    Despite the great advancements in retirement community resident care in recent years — some through government involvement, but most through business owners seeking to create a better quality of life for seniors — one of the challenges faced when discussing senior living options is the negative stigma that immediately comes to mind about “assisted living.”

  • Pride, Quality of Life and Independence

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is for the physically challenged and disabled community. The elevator industry, with the help of the government and educators in civil law, has been addressing ADA issues over the years. Elevator and lift manufacturers have many solutions to meet and exceed the ADA requirements.

  • When Seniors Choose Solo Living

    As home healthcare providers, we’re often asked if a senior can live alone at home. While each situation is different, seniors who are alone can have additional risks that affect their health and well-being. In 2016, the Administration on Aging reported 29 percent, or 13.3 million older adults age 65 and over, lived alone at home.…