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  • Communication & Grief

    Grief is a natural response to the loss of someone special. The process of grieving allows the griever to adapt to a new world of existence without the loved one.

  • What to Say & Not to Say to Grievers

    Grief hurts. It hurts to witness our loved ones hurt. So a typical response to someone who is grieving is to try to comfort them and make them feel better. There is nothing wrong with trying to comfort the bereaved, but making them feel better is not possible. A grieving person simply wants their grief…

  • Understanding Grieving Styles

    There is no “good grief” or “bad grief”— there is only grief. Drs. Kenneth Doka and Terry Martin* suggest that there are two types of grievers: “instrumental” and “intuitive.” Neither type is deficient; only different. Understanding the difference can allow family members to empathize with, rather than attribute bad motives to, another family member.