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  • Give Yourself Credit For Caregiving

    Stayin’ Alive: the Bee Gees’ message remains important for those of us involved in caregiving. Too often we allow our own health and wellbeing to decline while we try to keep our loved ones safe and content. Here are a few easy to do things that can help keep you — the caregiver — alive……

  • Caregivers Must Ask Others for Help

    When it’s a family caregiver’s sole responsibility to manage the care of a loved one, there will come a time when stress will get to a level where the caregiver becomes unable to perform self-care or continue to provide for their loved one. Getting others involved to help the caregiver will bring much-needed relief.

  • Emmet White at the Arcadia… life care without walls

    Emmet White at the Arcadia… life care without walls

    Emmet White—local attorney turned retirement community CEO—offers us insight into the business of aging in Hawai‘i. At Arcadia Retirement Residence he sees firsthand the costs and benefits of senior care.

  • Dementia: Making Mealtime Easier

    There are many types of dementia; Alzheimer’s disease is the most prevalent. Dementia is ultimately brain failure. As the brain changes, a person’s skills and abilities regress. The following are four changes you can expect as dementia progresses…

  • Redirection Using Humor

    Do you know a Person Living With Dementia (PLWD) who repeatedly asks the same question? Does your loved one obsess about leaving the house so that they can go home? Maybe you know of a grandmother who blames everyone in sight for stealing her items. Challenging behaviors are common among PLWD and care partners are…

  • Does Mom Need More Help?

    How do family members prepare for the day their senior needs more help? The kind of help that requires loved ones to re-prioritize their lives. If only there were a date set aside for this change in everybody’s life. Planning on change at this level has never been easy because a plan may not be…

  • Memory Loss & Aging

    At some point we’ve all had times of forgetfulness or misplacing things. Our keys get lost or we draw a blank trying to remember where the car is parked or what we just ate for breakfast. We can usually sort it out and remember things with some time and patience. But when is forgetfulness or…

  • About Transitional Care

    Today, more seniors are receiving care in their homes for medical conditions. Many receive it following a hospitalization or discharge from a rehabilitation center and have complex needs. Seniors who require them may have difficulties adjusting to their care and can benefit from transitional care during this period.