Coalition Guide to Caring for Kūpuna

The Hawai‘i Family Caregiver Coalition was formed to develop new partnerships at local and state levels to advance a coordinated approach to address the needs of  Hawai‘i’s family caregivers. As caregiving touches everyone, the mission of the Hawai‘i Family Caregiver Coalition (HFCC) is to improve the quality of life of those who give and receive care by increasing community awareness of caregiver issues through continuing advocacy, education and training.

Gain Skills to Avoid Medicare Fraudsters

With our state’s senior population growing at a rapid rate, protecting kūpuna against the threat of Medicare fraud and abuse is essential. More than 10,000 Americans turn 65 each day, becoming eligible for Medicare as they blow out their birthday candles. As of 2020, one in four Hawai‘i residents is 65 or older, with this population growing at an annual rate of 17%. Hawai’i also has the highest life expectancy in the country, with an average of 83.1 years of age. Together, these facts mean that by 2030, a third of Hawai’i’s total  population will be Medicare eligible.

Getting Off the Ground & Back Down

We’re traditionally taught that to get someone off the floor, have them lean on a chair, get one leg up and push to straighten the knee until the other leg can plant the foot to have 2 legs to stand on. This requires a significant amount of compression force through the knee and very strong quad muscles. I remember going through this method and always struggling when someone had knee pain or very weak legs. And then my mom taught me a different way.

Summer Foods for Healthy Eyes

Summer means tons of local produce is in season and readily available. A variety of nutrients and antioxidants can likewise be found in Hawai‘i’s abundance of crops and seafood, which help to improve eye health and decrease the risk of certain ocular diseases. Local eye doctors urge everyone residing in the state to take advantage of summer’s supply of fresh foods.

Adult Day Cares: A Social Hub for Seniors

Adding some sparkle to your social life can be a challenge at any age, especially in life’s later decades. For many, adult day care is a low-stress foray into an activity-filled social life. Adult day care centers are key providers of long-term care services. They provide activities, health monitoring, socialization and assistance with daily activities.

Can You Trust Wristband Health Readings?

Rapid advances in healthcare technology allow many older adults to monitor their vital signs with a glance at their wrist. But is the wristband health technology accurate? You’ve probably seen the multitude of health monitors you can strap on your wrist. And you assume that they have passed testing to show that they are accurate and reliable. Well, think again.

Lifelong Learning in Hawai‘i

The population structure in the U.S. is rapidly changing. Increased life expectancy, strong immigration and a fertility rate of presently 1.64 children per woman — higher than in other developed countries — will cause a population increase from 336 million (2023) to 373 million (2053). The population ages 60 and older will experience the strongest growth, and their share in the total population is expected to increase from 12 percent (1950) to 28 percent (2050). These developments are also visible in Hawai‘i.

May – June 2023

May – June 2023

The May-June issue of GENERATIONS MAGAZINE features a story about Kumu Kahua Theater in downtown Honolulu. Kathlyn Clore explores the people who contribute to Honoluluʻs home for local storytellers. Dr. Sandra von Doetinchem, a UH specialist in gerontology, discusses the benefits of learning late in life. Does Dad need help during the day and something to keep him occupied? In Kathy Wyattʻs article, she explains the benefits of kūpuna day care. And Debbie Kim Morikawa shows us the best exercises for getting up and down!