The Royal Hawaiian Band

“To promote and foster music, preserve the Hawaiian musical culture, inspire young musicians and enrich the lives of the people of Hawai‘i” is their  mission. As the only full-time municipal band in the United States — and the only one with a royal legacy — the Royal Hawaiian Band has touched and continues to move the hearts of people young and old for almost two centuries, beginning with their founding in 1836 by King Kamehameha III, Kauikeaouli.

Smart Long-Term Care Search Strategies

More than 50% of us will experience stress and anxiety while seeking long-term care, according to a recent AARP study. Firstly, it is difficult to find information about all the available services. Worse yet, without a way to easily compare them, they are seemingly indistinguishable (after all, there are over 1,800 senior care facilities and providers in Hawai‘i).

Time for Spring Cleaning?

The season of spring is often associated with a strong desire to do a deep, thorough cleaning of your home. It’s a global phenomenon practiced in big cities, rural communities and remote villages. Social scientists who have studied the annual ritual believe there are health benefits to decluttering, organizing and cleaning up your home. It seems people who adopt the annual habit experience more energy, a sense of accomplishment, contentment and sleep better.

Playing Music for Fun & Friendship

Back in 2017, just after retiring to Moloka‘i, I stumbled upon a group of kūpuna having a lot of fun. Seated around tables at the Coffees of Hawaii plantation store, they were playing ‘ukulele and singing, much to the delight of onlookers. One gentleman in the audience on a group outing from the local retirement home leapt up and picked a partner before dancing to the tune.

March – April 2024

March – April 2024

The March-April 2024 issue of GENERATIONS MAGAZINE features the only municipal band in the United States, the Royal Hawaiian Band. Read about its origin, its director and its music. You’ll also find out about the founder of the AARP, Ethel Percy Andrus. We’ll take a look at Maui’s hub of senior activity, how music helps seniors who are having memory issues, and we give you some tips on co-signing a loan for your children.