Category: Sept – Oct 2022

  • Beware of ‘InstaScams’

    There are always two sides of the same coin. Social media has made it possible for everyone to stay more connected over the years and across the miles. It’s reconnected old friends and kept families close. Unfortunately, it’s also given scammers the ability to become more sophisticated and creative.

  • A Journey of Compassion, Empathy & Courage

    A Journey of Compassion, Empathy & Courage

    A common thread runs through a tapestry of three stories in the September-October 2022 issue of GENERATIONS MAGAZINE. Having experienced the caregiving role themselves, Savina Makalena, Gary Simon and Gary Powell all saw the need to support individual caregivers and the various entities involved in providing that support. And seeing that need, they all decided…

  • The Book Sisters

    It’s not your ordinary book club. This all-women book club has a long history, having begun around 1980, says Ginny Meade, who joined in mid-’81. “It’s an amazing group of women from all walks of life. It all started because of our love of books and reading.”

  • Grief and Bereavement — Part II

    Continuing from my last article, I believe that clients really want the estate planning attorney to help them meet their needs so that they can reduce their fear, anxiety and anticipatory grief in light of their knowledge of their inevitable death.

  • Walk to End Alzheimer’s

    You probably know someone with Alzheimer’s, the most common type of dementia that’s currently affecting some 5.8 million Americans and growing so rapidly that as many as 14 million may be affected by 2060.

  • Paddling Her Own Canoe

    Kīhei resident Franny Durham unknowingly serves as an inspiration to those around her through her indomitable spirit, positive attitude and boundless energy. When asked about her secret to her physical health and spiritual well-being, she replied, “Moderation is the key.”

  • Navigating Mental Illness

    One in five people are affected by mental health conditions each year. Since the pandemic, that number has been on the rise. NAMI Hawaii, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the state organization that supports our community’s mental health and gives them hope.

  • 7 Reminders for the General Election

    Ahead of the 2022 General Election on Nov. 8, the Hawai‘i Office of Elections has a few key reminders for Hawai‘i’s kūpuna voters.

  • How to Reduce Your Investment Risk

    During times of market volatility like we’ve seen since the start of 2022, it’s natural to feel a bit skittish about the stock market. It’s a potent reminder that there are risks to stock ownership. Individual stocks are not guaranteed to grow and may lose value. The good news is that the stock market has…

  • How To Choose an Assisted Living Facility or Nursing Home

    Finding the right place for Mom or Dad is both an art and a science. You have to do your research and trust your gut. Assisted living facilities are widely available to help take care of older adults who need help with bathing, dressing or other daily activities. When that is no longer enough, a…