Long-Term Care Cost Financing Options

Long-term care is expensive, whether you provide the care yourself, have caregivers come into the home or use a care  facility. If you have no assets, no savings and nothing of real dollar-sign value, and your income is not enough to pay for long-term care, the government has a plan for you — Medicaid. That is a topic for another time, but if Medicaid appears to fit your circumstances, be sure to use an expert to complete the application. For now, let’s look at just a few more creative methods for covering this cost.

Decision-Making Positions for Caretakers

Guardianship, conservatorship, trustee, power of attorney, agent, healthcare surrogate and other critical decision-making positions in the life of a senior or an adult with disabilities are a complicated mixture of ethics, law and common sense. Many caregivers, however, have little or no training in these areas and can find themselves in awkward and unnerving positions.