Where Did All the Toilet Paper Go?

Shoppers across the county and around the globe cleaned out shelves of toilet tissue, disinfectant sprays/wipes, rubbing alcohol and hand  sanitizers during the beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.

Stores were overwhelmed due to fears of supply chain disruptions, although none occurred.

Even though items that were scarce during the initial phase of the pandemic have been restocked in most stores, some of us must still fight the urge to hoard in preparation for what may come this fall and beyond. Keep in mind, the impact of over-acquiring affects the entire community.

Pharmacies have even been dealing with people hoarding certain medications in hopes that they may be used as treatment in the future. Buying up existing medications puts people who truly need them at risk if they are forced to go without.

There are some strategies to quell the natural impulse to acquire more than is needed. Start by taking stock of the items you already have at home and and assess how long they will last. Make a pragmatic list of what and how many supplies you will need to tide you over to your next shopping trip — not the next decade.

When shopping, stick to the items on your list. Then, you’ll be less likely to succumb to anxiety-driven purchases triggered by the sight of empty shelves or thoughts of supermarkets closing.

If shopping is “your thing,” expand your experience by helping people in your community who may need it. Add their list to yours and enjoy!

Making sure you are doing all you can to manage stress is also helpful. Why not try 30 minutes of daily, moderate cardiovascular activity, muscle relaxation, mindfulness meditation exercises and other enjoyable activities.


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