Emeritus College, with support from Honolulu Community College and the Pacific Center for Advanced Technology Training, offers a wide range of continuing education workshops in the area of electronic computerized education for adult learners age 55 and above.

The program, led by a team of skilled volunteer instructors, accommodates both first-time users with little or no experience, as well as computer-savvy individuals who are interested in learning new skills. Workshops are held in the comfort of the Emeritus College Computer Lab, which boasts 23-inch monitors that feature cutting-edge touch technology. Course offerings range from workshops that familiarize participants with introductory computer skills and experience with applications such as Windows 10 and Gmail, to a variety of specialty-type courses, including a travel planning workshop that focuses on utilizing various online resources to research air transportation, lodging and travel insurance options. Of particular interest to those who may be hesitant to participate due to vision, hearing or dexterity challenges is a course that provides an overview of the Windows OS accessibility features that assist users with common tools, including a magnifier, narrator and on-screen keyboard.

For an annual contribution of $25 to the University of Hawai‘i Foundation, Emeritus Club members receive exclusive benefits, including discounts on Emeritus Computer Workshops and access to the Open Computer Lab on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

We welcome you to experience the thrill of accomplishment, while making your electronic mark on the world.


874 Dillingham Blvd. Honolulu HI 96817-4598
808-845-9296 | farah@hawaii.edu | www.pcatt.org/emeritus