Eating Together

Here in Hawai‘i, the idea of multiple generations sharing meals together under one roof isn’t reserved for just the holidays. Hawai‘i has the highest percentage of multigenerational households in the country, with nearly 8 percent of households statewide classified as multigenerational — at least three generations living under one roof. This household structure represents one of the most beautiful things about Hawai‘i. It embodies the word ‘ohana and exemplifies the concept of an extended family.

Help Protect Our Kūpuna Against Crime

Every year, Hawai‘i residents are swindled out of money through many forms of crime. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that 2.4 billion robocalls made every month. Over 3,500,000 older adults are swindled out of nearly $5 billion in personal savings each year. The average loss is $34,200-plus for every senior who falls victim to a scam. More than $17 million per year are lost to internet crimes (2021) — and cases are expected to rise by 10 percent this year.

November – December 2023

The November-December 2023 issue of GENERATIONS MAGAZINE features a cover story about two of the most well-known and most-loved coaches in Hawaii sports history – Dave Shoji and Vince Goo. Find out what they’re up to today! You’ll also get some important Medicare information – especially important during this open enrollment period. We’ll show you some self-care holiday gifts and tell you about Project Dana – who they are, how they got started and how they help our kūpuna.

March – April 2023

March – April 2023

The March-April issue of GENERATIONS MAGAZINE features Executive Director Connie Mitchell and her team at the Institute of Human Services who face the problems and challenges of the “unhoused” population on Oahu. Does your computer need some spring cleaning? Christopher Duque has some tips. Kristina Wong of Altres discusses caregiver compatibility and more seniors are trying marijuana! You’ll find those stories and many more in the March-April issue of GENERATIONS MAGAZINE.

September – October 2023

The September-October 2023 issue of GENERATIONS MAGAZINE features a cover story about how long-term friendships can really make a difference in your life – and the lives of others. Youʻll learn how seeing your dentist might show signs of osteoporosis. Scott Makuakane gives some sage advice on making estate decisions. And Generations Magazine’s Wilson Angel reflects on the late Brian Suda, GMʻs photographer extraordinaire.

July – August 2023

July – August 2023

The July-August 2023 issue of GENERATIONS MAGAZINE features a cover story about the hottest craze sweeping the nation, Pickleball. Author Rosa Barker dives deep into the story about a sport that everyone loves, especially seniors! You’ll also read how a healthy lifestyle can help fight diabetes. Sophia Calio, director of the YMCA’s kūpuna programs, talks about all of the activities available to seniors. And Financial Advisor Michael Yee has some good words about paying off debt or investing.

May – June 2023

May – June 2023

The May-June issue of GENERATIONS MAGAZINE features a story about Kumu Kahua Theater in downtown Honolulu. Kathlyn Clore explores the people who contribute to Honoluluʻs home for local storytellers. Dr. Sandra von Doetinchem, a UH specialist in gerontology, discusses the benefits of learning late in life. Does Dad need help during the day and something to keep him occupied? In Kathy Wyattʻs article, she explains the benefits of kūpuna day care. And Debbie Kim Morikawa shows us the best exercises for getting up and down!

Aging in Hawai‘i – A Moving Experience

There are many questions that families have as their parents age. Many adult children have never had to provide care for a senior. When they begin, they soon find it is not an easy task. Assisting your parents as they age in place seems like a good idea until we realize how much time it takes to provide meals, and clean and maintain an additional house, along with continuing our own career and meeting life’s demands.

‘Life Stories’: A Spotlight on Our Kūpuna

With the holidays and the spirit of the season upon us, our energies turn toward the festivities with our friends and families. What better opportunity for us to shine the spotlight on our kūpuna than by tapping into their vast knowledge of life, wisdom and memories? A fun way to do this is through a day of “Life Stories,” where all the generations get together and share their fondest memories.