Generations Magazine - Percy Portrait - Blue ShirtMy Last Editor’s Note to our Generations Readers

It’s funny how life works sometimes in one’s journey, as we go along in our careers. For myself, my direction was set by a call from a friend of mine in 2002, who asked, “Do you know what a reverse mortgage is?” I said, “I heard of it, but let me do some research and get back to you.” So, when I saw the demographics of the tsunami seniors coming, the rest is history for me as I began my journey as a reverse mortgage specialist and into this wonderful field of aging.

After 13+ years as the publisher and editor of Generations Magazine I will be passing it on to Cynthia Arnold, who I feel will do a wonderful job going forward. We need younger minds, ideas, and energy in this growing aging field.

I am not retiring, however. I will continue to educate our community about “Aging in Place” and the many benefits of using home equity as Hawai‘i’s leading reverse mortgage specialist. I will continue to support seniors as a certified senior advisor, also certified in long-term care planning, with our monthly “Realities of Aging” workshops and weekly Generations radio shows every Sunday morning at 8am on FM 101.1.

Lastly, I want to send a big mahalo to our staff over the 13+ years, who believed in our mission to provide trusted resources to our older community, advertising partners, writers, photographers, copy editors, sales people, distributor and distribution partners, the nonprofits and agencies that provide the resources, our only art director Wilson Angel, parents Les and Shirley Ihara for being the best role models and the rest of my family for their never-ending support, and lastly, to you — our readers.

Thank you and Live Well!

Percy Ihara, Editor/Publisher