by Farah Doiguchi, Emeritus College Coordinator

In emergency situations, quick access to key medical information can be life-saving. The free Apple Health app features a Medical ID card that allows first responders to access your vital health information without unlocking your iPhone. Setup is easy. Open the app, then tap “Medical ID” and edit. Enter details, such as your date of birth, medical conditions, medical notes, allergies and reactions, and medications. Emergency contacts can also be designated, along with relationship titles (child or spouse, for example), which are helpful when communicating with alarmed loved ones. Enable “Show When Locked” to allow emergency access to this data. When your profile is complete, tap “Done.”

The app allows users the flexibility of disclosing information they deem relevant and this data is not shared with other applications. First responders and others who may want to help in an emergency situation can access your Medical ID by pressing the home button, tapping “Emergency,” then selecting “Medical ID.”

Finding yourself in need of emergency assistance can be unnerving, but the Apple Health app makes it easy to be proactive and prepared.

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The Emeritus College, with support from the Pacific Center for Advanced Technology Training at Honolulu Community College, is pleased to offer an iPhone/iPad Basics course. The class is fun, informative and paced at just-the-right speed for seniors to follow along.