Preparing Adult Children Who are Coming Home for the Holidays

December 8, 2023

The holidays offer an opportunity for families to gather. This can bring comfort and joy to many, but additional stress to the adult children who may not have seen their aging parents (or grandparents) in some time. A lot can change between these visits. Often adult children are surprised to discover that a parent or grandparent now needs a little help with simple tasks due to new physical or cognitive issues. There may be stacks of unopened mail, evidence of missed medications, or unexplained weight loss. Perhaps driving skills have declined. The stress of the holidays and the rush to get everything done can make it awkward or difficult to find time to  address these issues. Soon the visit is over and no steps have been taken to get help. Our goal is to help you prepare for your visit before you head home by observing and taking inventory of some of the signs that help may be needed, and then taking action.

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