FaceTime is an easy-to-use tool that allows loved ones to make free video calls to those near and far. FaceTime calls use Wi-Fi or cellular data, as opposed to traditional cellular minutes, and can be made via an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac device.

Simple accommodations can help to familiarize seniors with the application. Calls with grandchildren can be scheduled in advance; all grandma and grandpa need to do is tap the green “Accept” button to connect. Other quick tips include creating a Contact List to make outgoing calling easy, or isolating the FaceTime app on the user’s Home Screen so ku¯ puna know exactly which icon to use.

My 94-year-old grandmother welcomes the face-to-face interaction FaceTime affords. She enjoys connecting with my young daughter. During a recent video call, Nana complimented her as she enjoyed a walking tour of my daughter’s latest art projects. Their conversations are lively, animated, genuine and heartfelt. I’m proud of Nana’s willingness to embrace technology — she is proof positive that it is never too late to try!


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The Emeritus College, with support from the Pacific Center for Advanced Technology Training at Honolulu Community College, is pleased to offer an iPhone/iPad Basics course. The class is fun, informative and paced at just-the-right speed for seniors to follow along.