In recent years, Facebook (FB) has become an increasingly popular communication tool for older adults. The site, which originated as a network to connect college students in the early 2000s, is no longer limited to the younger demographic it once served. Seniors are finding value in Facebook’s many offerings, particularly in the area of maintaining meaningful relationships with family and friends.

Ku¯ puna can sign up for a free account with a valid email address or mobile phone number, and quickly find loved ones. Upon login, photo and video updates from the people you follow appear on the news feed of your FB homepage.

FB’s Messenger service supports free video calling, allowing users to see and speak with friends at the click of a button. Proud grandparents are especially drawn to this feature, and love sharing in the daily adventures of little ones near and far.

facebookKeep up with grandchildren, stay in touch with friends, join a Group or see what’s trending.

Honolulu Community College is pleased to offer a series of free, hands-on FB workshops, made possible by a generous donation from the Fujio Matsuda Technology Center, in partnership with the Pacific Center for Advanced Technology Training and the Emeritus College.

Classes are fun, informative and paced at the right speed for seniors to follow along. Join us!


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