1Getting older is not something we all look forward to in our lives. All those physical things start cropping up to slow us down just when we have to handle the details of Social Security, Medicare, estate planning, health directives and more! Just a small percentage of people over the age of 65 actually have sat down to plan out the “what-ifs” in their lives. What if I get sick? What if I run out of money? What if I start losing my memory? What if…

All too often for the children of aging parents, these questions have not been answered and the kids are left trying to help and figure things out. Sometimes their help works and sometimes their help places too much strain on themselves and their own relationships. Caregivers can burn out.

2For others, failing health and cognitive ability may make them vulnerable to exploitation and fraud. We have all read about telephone, mail and email scams on seniors; of family members taking money, changing wills and trusts. How do you protect yourself?

The Caregiver Foundation works with seniors, disabled adults and their caregivers, offering them a very comprehensive array of supports and services. Often, the foundation is called upon by the courts to provide guardianship services or conservatorship services to seniors and disabled adults who transpose likely to be exploited or have already been harmed by some form of abuse. Families with internal conflicts call upon The Caregiver Foundation to act as a neutral third party to focus on the best use of resources and to provide the care a parent may need. Some seniors ask the foundation to protect them from exploitation by utilizing our Daily Money Management services. Caregiver support groups sponsored by the foundation and our many workshops and lectures serve the community at large.

Whether the need is basic financial management, placement for a senior or a complex situation requiring a wide range of professional expertise, we are able to provide complete coordination and management of needs of seniors or disabled adults who have no family or close associates. Our services continue to care for them through every stage of their lives. And, when the time comes, the foundation manages their end-of-life wishes, and closing and distribution of their estates. Real expertise and compassion — the hallmarks of The Caregiver Foundation.

The Caregiver Foundation
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The Caregiver Foundation is a registered 501 (c) 3 organization and operates on all the Hawaiian Islands.