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SEASON 1 – EPISODE 13 – April 2018

In this episode, we’ll take a trip to the Lanakila Multi-Purpose Senior Center to see how their programs are helping Hawaii’s seniors thrive. You’ll meet a man who has a tremendous passion for the Hawaiian language. You’ll get another helpful tip from Julie Moon, you’ll have lunch with the Auto Lunch Bunch… and you’ll meet a man whose voice is all over the airwaves.

SEASON 1 – EPISODE 12 – March 2018

In this episode, you’ll see how the SCORE program helps young people with wisdom that’s passed down from seniors, including family-run business Choco Le’a in Manoa and Kahuku Farms. Find out about volunteer opportunities at the Waikiki Aquarium. And learn how to strengthen your body and your relationship at the same time by dancing!

SEASON 1 – EPISODE 11 – February 2018

In this episode, you’ll meet a man who works for the FBI now, but was once a notorious con man. We’ll visit the Honolulu Quarterback Club – where Hawaii’s sports enthusiasts have been meeting for over 70 years. You’ll get a helpful tip from Moon Physical Therapy about how to get out of bed without hurting your back. And you’ll find out how to have one of the most important conversations of your life.

SEASON 1 – EPISODE 10 – February 2018

In this episode, we’ll watch a couple of seniors who spend much of their time on the dance floor; you’ll get the scoop on hydro-therapy and how it might benefit you. The local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association could be your link to help for a loved one with dementia. And we’ll give you help in a lot of areas with some Senior Resources you might not know about.

SEASON 1 – EPISODE 9 – January 2018

In this episode, we’ll learn how a hot meal provides not just nourishment – but an important social connection; you’ll learn how to improve your flexibility and balance while in the pool; we’ll meet up with celebrity Chef Sam Choy and hear his thoughts on aging and food; and Percy Ihara talks with a man who has made his life all about caregiving.

SEASON 1 – EPISODE 8 – January 2018

In this episode, we follow a caregiver on Oahu and find out what it takes to recover from a stroke. From Julie Moon, you’ll find out the best way to get in and out of your car without hurting your back. We’ll provide some good ideas for living well and we’ll get the grand tour of Kalakaua Gardens, one of Hawaii’s newest premiere homes for senior living.

SEASON 1 – EPISODE 7 – December 2017

In this episode, you’ll meet a true Renaissance Man from Kaneohe. We explore the new Kupuna Caregiver Program. You’ll get some tips on how to use a cane correctly.  And did you ever want to play the bagpipes? We’ll introduce you to Hawaii’s only pipe and drum band and how you could learn how to play!

SEASON 1 – EPISODE 6 – December 2017

On this show, you’ll meet one of Hawaii’s awesome seniors, Abe Lee. You’ll learn that a Buddhist Sanskrit term is the name of a local non-profit that looks out for Hawaii’s elders. Chef Michi will show us how to make a quick and healthy meal. And find out how you can be a voice at the state Capitol.

SEASON 1 – EPISODE 5 – December 2017

In this episode, you’ll learn how to make a healthy quinoa salad. You’ll meet Anthony Lenzer, a man who has helped pave the way for a better life for Hawaii’s kupuna. We’ll follow two of Hawaii’s aunties who carry on a long running UH tradition. You’ll learn how to keep your posture straight from Moon Physical Therapy. And we’ll visit the Mayor’s annual Craft and Country Fair at the Blaisdell.

SEASON 1 – EPISODE 4 – November 2017

In this episode, you’ll learn how to make a healthy Quinoa salad; we’ll witness how one man has helped pave the way for a better life for Hawaii’s Kupuna; we’ll follow two of Hawaii’s aunties as they continue a long-running UH tradition; find out how to keep your posture straight from Moon Physical Therapy; and we’ll head over to the Blaisdell for the Mayor’s annual craft and country fair.

SEASON 1 – EPISODE 3 – November 2017

In this episode, you’ll see what it feels like to live over a hundred years. You’ll get a tip from Moon Therapy that your back will thank you for. We’ll watch the Senior Medicare Patrol spread their message in an entertaining way. And find out how you can voice your concerns at the Kokua Council.

SEASON 1 – EPISODE 2 – October 2017

In this episode of Generations TV, you’ll see how the power of music saved one man’s life. We visit the 2017 Generations Magazine Aging in Place Conference. You’ll learn about the complicated world of Medicare. And you’ll get a tour of the world’s oldest ukulele factory!

SEASON 1 – EPISODE 1 – October 2017

In the premier episode of Generations TV, you’ll see how the Mōʻīliʻīli Community Center is changing the lives of seniors – and how it can help you! You’ll see the power of friendship at the Men’s Shed. And we’ll give you a hand navigating your way through Medicare.

  1. 02 Medicare Part D With Aloha Care 10-27-11 59:30
  2. 01 Medicare Part D With SagePlus 10-25-11 41:03
  3. 03 Medicare Fraud Senior Medicare Patrol 11-1-11 50:05
  4. 04 National Kidney Foundation 11-03-11 1:04:47
  5. 05 City Elderly Affairs Division 11-08-11 47:49
  6. Senior Move Managers Percy Ihara 1:00:14
  7. 07 Holistic Medicine 11-15-11 44:37
  8. 08 Long-Term Care Insurance 11-17-11 59:12
  9. 09 Aging in Place 11-22-11 45:18

Elder Abuse

by Scott Spallina, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney | November 15, 2015

Today’s Kupuna

  1. Prosecuting Attorney's Office 05/24/2008 Percy Ihara 52:35
  2. City Elderly Affairs Division 06/01/2008 Percy Ihara 54:10
  3. Long Term Care Insurance 06_07_2008 Percy Ihara 54:08
  4. Caregiver Coalition 06_28_2008 Percy Ihara 53:54
  5. Lifetime Medical Organizer 07_05_2008 Percy Ihara 53:39
  6. Elderly Affairs Division 07_12_2008 Percy Ihara 53:52
  7. Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Percy Ihara 54:01
  8. Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society 08_02_2008 Percy Ihara 53:14
  9. Arcadia & 15 Craigside 08_09_2008 Percy Ihara 53:13
  10. Social Services 08_23_2008 Percy Ihara 53:10
  11. Downsizing Your Home 09_20_2008 Percy Ihara 53:13
  12. Plaza at Punchbowl 09_27_2008 Percy Ihara 53:34
  13. In-Home Care 10_24_2008 Percy Ihara 53:19
  14. KCC Adult Legal Advocate 10_11_2008 Percy Ihara 45:42
  15. Elder Care Continuum 10_18_2008 Percy Ihara 53:24
  16. AARP National President Jenny Chin-Hansen 11_01_2008 Percy Ihara 53:35

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