Is Assisted Living a Negative?

Despite the great advancements in retirement community resident care in recent years — some through government involvement, but most through business owners seeking to create a better quality of life for seniors — one of the challenges faced when discussing senior living options is the negative stigma that immediately comes to mind about “assisted living.”

Caregiving Overseas

Many family caregivers come home to Hawai‘i to assist aging parents. But how about caregiving overseas? When my mother died, Dad was 93 and slipping into dementia. His younger brother had retired to the Philippines, with his wife and insisted on providing care for his older brother, who had done so much for his family.

The Many Facets of Dementia

Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia — isn’t that the same thing? The simple answer is no. Dementia is an umbrella term for the different types of diseases that affect the brain. Alzheimer’s Disease is only one form of dementia. Also on the list we have Lewy body...

Unexpected Turn of Events

In March, during a mainland trip to visit our college daughter, I started receiving phone calls from old family friends whom I haven’t heard from in years. What I thought were surprise hellos were concerned calls. My mother, Kimiko Suzuki, 88, had reached out to them...

National Patient Safety Goals

Most seniors I meet say they prefer to age in place and live at home for as long as they can. Who wouldn’t want that, right? But living out your life safely at home may require a bit of help and experience. Home healthcare is particularly suited here; clients can manage their care with medical professionals to help make safer and more informed decisions.

A Lesson in Patience and Gratitude

My mother had always been a healthy, determined and spirited woman who was guided by her faith. With a high degree of humor and a strong work ethic, my mother, Tokiko Suda, along with my father, Sakae, raised four children and operated several restaurants in Honolulu....

A Stairlift Can Help

Do you know someone who has fallen and experienced detrimental effects on their physical health, confidence and emotional state? A “stairlift” is a viable solution for those who want to stay in their homes and it provides peace of mind for the family. Wearing the...

A Labor of Love

Every year, 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Of those, many will rely on their families for support. We often define illness as a term relevant only to the one suffering from a particular disease, yet PD reaches far beyond the individual....

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